By: Mark Glennon*


Carol Marin and NBC5 evidently smell the backlash and danger to their reputations as the facts gradually come out about the now infamous article by Marin and Dave McKinney, also run in video by Marin on NBC5, alleging that Bruce Rauner threatened a former CEO of a company he invested in.


Both Marin and NBC5 have now issued pieces objecting to use of the original story by the Quinn campaign in its ads.


It’s a transparent stunt to try to restore a claim to integrity and balance. Quinn has every right to use exerpts from their reporting. Marin and NBC5 knew full well that the initial story would be converted into a Quinn ad.  That happens all the time and it’s a certainty for an article as inflammatory as the Marin/McKinney piece.


The NBC5 article objecting to Quinn’s use is titled “Why NBC5 objects to Quinn Campaign Ad.” But the article doesn’t say why, except to mention it doesn’t mean they endorse Quinn, which is obvious.


And guess what image they put conspicuously at the top of that article objecting to the use of the exerpt? The image used in the Quinn ad containing the inflammatory exerpt! Rub it in on behalf of Quinn even while denying you are doing just that!


Marin’s article objecting to Quinn’s use is more sanctimonious: “I belong to no candidate. Never have.” Actually, they just changed it to “A reporter’s job is to report.” And the first line in the article is this: “Reporters are taught to cover the story, not be the story.”


Well, Ms. Marin, you sure have violated that lesson. You, NBC5 and the Sun-Times have made yourselves a national story. And Dave McKinney decided to make his resignation from the Sun-Times public, casting himself as a martyr for journalistic standards, so you will be part of the scrutiny over that.


We will be going through some details, in a separate article, about why the original story was so appalling. Others will, too, but don’t expect to see that in the regular local press — only in blogs and the national media. A Code of Silence prevails in the Illinois press, which demands that local reporters never, ever criticize other reporters.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints