Look at the week’s news on Illinois state government. Had you dropped in from Pluto, you’d get no inkling there’s a fiscal crisis. In fact, you’d think Springfield is following a strategy of repetition inspired by a record of success:

•  Another $800 million the state doesn’t have, for doubling pay for 28,000 unionized home healthcare workers. It passed by the House.

•  More borrowing — very expensive borrowing. The state raised $500 million through a near junk rated bond offering, though Mr. Market is already trading state debt as junk.

•  Another unfunded mandate. The House passed a mandate that starting public school teachers across the state be paid a minimum of $40,000 per year.

•  Step pay raises. AFSCME is demanding immediate step pay raises for about 38,000 of the public workers it represents. They don’t want to wait for a legal resolution that’s pending.

•  Death to the new program giving school choice to the poor. A bill was introduced to undo the extremely popular school choice scholarship program for low income kids that became law last year.

•  $635,000 for three “lactation wellness rooms.” It was approved by the House.

•  And Governor Rauner? He was abroad on a trade mission and returned Thursday. No need to be here when standard Springfield operating procedures are in place.

One ray of hope: A proposed constitutional spending cap picked up some bipartisan support.

It’s truly terrifying. The foot remains firmly on the gas pedal as Illinois plunges into the abyss.

UPDDATE: And how could I have forgotten? Illinois Democrats reelected Michael Madigan as Chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party. Thirty-five of the 36 committee members voted for his reelection.

-Mark Glennon is founder and Executive Editor of Wirepoints.

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Paul Dabbs
2 years ago

A question about school choice. If a community has 4 schools, and parents have a choice, what happens if everybody chooses the same school ?Who decides who gets in and what do they use as a factor in deciding?

2 years ago

and the main stream press–trib, st, wttw, junk tv news reports on non of it.

Susan P
2 years ago

Illinois has been on a course of self destruction for more than 50 years. I finally escaped in Dec. 2016 and thank God I will NEVER live in Illinois again. The state of Illinois is bankrupt and on its death bed. I advise all who can to get out as quickly as you can. As the annual exodus increases, the value of your homes will drop and you won’t have the money to leave.

2 years ago
Reply to  Susan P

Yes, Illinois is the next Puerto Rico.

2 years ago

An addict (alcoholic, drug addict, gambler, compulsive shopper or spendthrift) will keep going until someone or something intervenes. Death is too often the first and last intervention .Like a rational family member, I have a duty to save myself and others from destruction.