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According to CPS, 82.6% of CPS students are considered low income, and thus, are eligible for free meals. The government really takes care of these democratic voters from cradle to grave! They pay for pre-natal care while they’re in the womb, and they pay for birth (medicaid), they pay for free formula and diapers (WIC), they pay for free and subsidized daycare (Action for Kids), they pay for free pre-school (Chicago Pre-K free program), they pay for free public education schools, they even pay for the free lunch (Title I), they pay for summer programs (and sometimes even meals), then… Read more »


Illinois guidelines on what is considered low income averages $49,100 for a family of three depending on what county you live in. Seems like low income guidelines are based on income but not included in what you mentioned like food stamps/energy assistance/healthcare/daycare/subsidized housing/etc all of which has value when added together but not paycheck value. I believe you can not have considerable assets like an expensive home/ stocks/IRA’s/bank accounts(that’s why there are so many check cashing places) and still get those benefits. So they are in a perpetual handout scenario and the Dems love it. To get ahead they would… Read more »


This is true. They forfeit ever attaining any assets or wealth just so they can stay on welfare and get free stuff. And everyone they know does that. And they vote (D) at the ballot box. And when their children get old enough to vote, they do it all over again.