By: Mark Glennon*


Update 10/1/14: The bribe allegation against Senator Trotter was withdrawn. As we said originally at the bottom of this piece, there was never anything to this.


Da papers are sayin some lawyers for for some guy named Turner sez a state senator named Trotter maybe got 2 Gs from some con who got da doe from a Fed pretendin tuh be some Indian guy. And dis Turner guy is lookin at time cuz da Feds sez he lobbied for some guy named Zimbabwe from Mugabe, or somewheres like dat.


What da fuck?


Hey, ain’t Trotter da guy dat got run up for takin his piece onto a airplane? Anyways, da story sez da prosecutor sez dat Trotter didn’t give no “quid pro quo” (must be some Indian thing) and Trotter sez he don’t remember nuttin about no cash, so I’m sayin maybe he’s clean.


Eh, lemme check da Cubs.


Last place. Sixteen out. But, hey, dey won tree in a row.


Seriously: There’s no story here and the media should never have run it. $2,000 five years ago. Please.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints.