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“These are people who grew up in a certain type of environment, and behave in a certain way. And not all of them have been very beneficial to us.”

That was among the comments at a recent Iowa City forum on poverty. Eastern Iowa’s Gazette has a detailed article today on viewpoints like that, and the Gazette’s opposing view.

Overcrowded housing, moochers, crime, gangs, drugs – they’re all discussed in the article.

The debate is nothing new for all our neighboring states. Linked here is a detailed article from three years ago in Indiana’s Journal & Courier about the the myth, as they see it, of problems caused by Chicagoans. It’s an old story in Wisconsin, too, where I’ve spent lots of time since I was young. “Flatlanders” is how some there refer even to temporary visitors from Illinois. We’re Loud, obnoxious, drive like maniacs and run over their dogs — that’s how I remember one Wisconsinite describing us.

Mark Glennon is founder and Executive Editor of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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great links. Whatever your opinion–low income blacks (and so many others) are being priced out of Chicago, yes largely because Daley closed up the CHA. and still the CHA is sitting ontop of $100 of millions in unused section 8 vouchers–and yet no progressive/liberal outcry, the reality is nobody want those folks back!!! Chicago great problem–where will CC dems find all those upper income childless hipsters to fill up all that empty south and west sided real-estate and pay $12g’s in prop tax a year and still pretend to be all about racial and economic diversity??