Senate Bill 2196, also known as the Student Access to College and Career-Education for Statewide Success (ACCESS) Bill, would allow (though not require) four-year public universities in Illinois to offer institutional financial aid to all eligible recipients on a competitive basis, regardless of immigration status.

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3 years ago

End subsidies for colleges…
They spend too much money, I mean waste too much of our taxpayer money.

They pay no property taxes, the buildings, land and assets are all paid off,
they charge so much for tuition and dorms, but still Illinois income taxes pay for SURS pensions, and yet
They want more taxpayer money.

End subsidies for colleges , let them stand on their own.

4 years ago

Another economic force that only will further contribute to tuition upward price pressure. Easy money, easily gotten without collateral, with banks protected from defaults, with all the cozy third party payers colluding with colleges and law in this market, only makes tuition higher and higher. That, combined with colleges now having more administrators than teachers, and speech restrictions and useless degrees further erodes the value of college. Not all of them. Parents need to seek value in this market, two year degrees with transfer to undergraduate, trade schools, etc. and students need to be decisive in this market, don’t spend… Read more »