By: Mark Glennon*


Watson the Watchdog
Watson the Watchdog

Great PR stunt by a great organization. Watson was this/ close to euthanasia before the Better Government Association rescued him through Paws Chicago and made him their mascot. Watson was unleashed this week at the BGA’s annual lunch, which drew a huge crowd and augmented the BGA’s record fundraising.


Credit former reporter Andy Shaw’s energetic leadership at the BGA for their ever-expanding results helping clean up Illinois.


Sic ’em boy!


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints



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6 years ago

Lisa, your facts are incorrect. He will be adopted by a family that can work with his rigorous training schedule and be available for public appearances. He was at the city pound for two months and was not adopted–volunteers pulled his name off the euthanasia list several times before PAWS Chicago took him in.

6 years ago

I’m sorry but the information you’re giving is incorrect. He wasn’t about to be euthanized and rescued by BGA he was in fact already at that shelter and available for adoption. But instead of getting a loving home and a family he will spend the next year as a mascot, most likely in that shelter denied the chance to be adopted. We just saw him there, alone in a back room and we’re told he’s not available for adoption for a year. This isn’t brilliant.