From a Heartland Institute email today:


Chicago City Council is considering an ordinance introduced by Alderman Ed Burke that would mandate that gas stations offer “E15” (gasoline with 15% ethanol blended in by volume). This would make Chicago the first city in the country with such a mandate.
In Burke’s press release, he says the proposal is an effort to provide consumers with “more choices, cheaper fuel prices, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.” My response to that would be:

■ More choices is good. But if gas stations thought E15 were a profitable product to sell, they wouldn’t need an ordinance forcing them to sell it. And those added costs will have to be passed down somewhere.

■ Even if E15 is cheaper than pure gas, Ald. Burke forgot to check if E15 as powerful as gas, because it’s not. Any savings a consumer would get from purchasing E15 would be wiped out by them making MORE trips to the station since car engines will burn through it FASTER.

■ E15 does NOT reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Producing ethanol wipes out huge swaths of land that would otherwise be removing carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis. Even the National Academy of Sciences is skeptical of blending biofuels like ethanol into gasoline.

You can read more information about renewable fuel mandate here and here.

There is a hearing taking place on this proposal next Monday at 1:00 p.m. in the Finance Committee.


Additional story on this from the Sun-Times is linked here.


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6 years ago

What fools they are on the city council.