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If current polling is even close to accurate, J.B Pritzker will be Illinois Governor and Toni Preckwinkle will be Mayor of Chicago.

Preckwinkle would vacate her current office as Cook County Board President, which then might well be filled by John Daley (yes, that Daley family.) Another possibility would bet Bill Daley (same family) joining the race for mayor and Preckwinkle staying at Cook County.

In the General Assembly, majority control by the Machine looks assured, with the House and Senate run by Mike Madigan and John Cullerton, respectively.

Source: RadioFan

Yes, we’re looking at a clean sweep by traditional Chicago Machine politicians.

Pritzker, Preckwinkle, Daley, Madigan, Cullerton.

For now, I have no words.

Mark Glennon is founder and executive editor of Wirepoints.

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Illinois Democrat Party corruption & living on OPM, Other People’s Money. Chicago & socialism/marxism is bringing our entire state down. This is what Obama helped to spread throughout our entire country. Ben Franklin said the Continental Congress gave us a republic but good luck keeping it. The “intellectual elite” always move us toward statism because they think they know what is best for everyone else. Individual freedom be damned.

Will Bachman

For those complaining, just leave. It is easy to do now with so many transit options. Y’all just don’t have those true American values to strive to improve your lot in life. I personally have moved 7 times to strive for the American dream.

paul shodean

thank god I left the state years ago, good luck everyone


Time to move out of thisbcrappy state.

p m

And then the Republican party will have a perfect example of what happens when you put Democrats in charge as they turn down Illinois request for a Federal bailout. Face it, next economic downturn and Illinois is insolvent and the republicans can hang all of it around the neck of liberal policies of the Democrat party. . It will be a beautiful thing. Illinois will never be in play fro teh republican party an the national level anyways, so it might as well serve some useful purpose. It will be hilarious to watch the teachers, police, municipal employees, and firemen… Read more »

B. Malic



The old Chicago Mob would run Illinois better and steal less money. Welcome to LeftTopia.


Why Rahm Emanuel will not run again and why he is fleeing Chicago


and k raoul as ag. the greatest friend to gov labor -scary


I can think of two words that come to mind immediately: Leave Illinois.

We left Chicago as soon as we could after the ink was dry on the 2017 budget debacle.


“Leave Illinois” is simply not an option for the majority of the population. And just because I stay does not mean it is a mandate to raise taxes, but I’m sure that’s how it will be interpreted by JB and the Gang.


Actually you can leave.
America is a free country. The only thing that stops you from leaving Illinois is your lack of will to do it.
The friends & family excuse doesn’t work because you can move to a neighboring state and still be close to them.
If you don’t leave Illinois you will experience immense pain & suffering while having your life ruined.
The choice is yours.


Agree. I’m going to be walking a nice check over to the bank when I leave, due to property values never coming back, combined with obscene property taxes. I consider it my bail money.


Actually it is an option.
America is a free country. The only thing that stops you from leaving Illinois is your lack of will to do it.