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BIOOYMFA, blows-more/omar


Rep Omar needs to lay off the methamphetamine before attending her committee hearings. Interesting how she slanders black people when she condescendingly says being like black people is to have children out of wedlock. We know how she feels about jewish people. How does she really feel about people with sub-Saharan DNA? And then two sentences later says that I need to reach into my pocket and take food out of my childrens’ mouth to pay for some old obese person’s insulin because they eat themselves into Type II. My philosophy is that if you can afford a 2L of… Read more »


It doesn’t speak highly of the people of Minneapolis/St Paul when they think we need people in our govt who come from a country that has been beset with complete anarchy for multiple generations.


These are all safe districts so blue that to paraphrase Nancy P., a ham sandwich would get elected if it were a democrat.