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Hank Scorpio
12 days ago

Don’t call it a comeback, they’ll be like this for years, out-spending its peers, puttin taxpayers in fear

12 days ago
Reply to  Hank Scorpio

Very likely the first time LL has made the Wirepoints comments.

Tom Paine's Ghost
12 days ago

Happytalk from politicians has no relationship to reality.

12 days ago

Pritzker and Chicago Democrats let the ‘wokeness’ Genie out of the bottle, putting public safety and the economy behind playing partisan politics. It will take a long time to recover, if ever. Democrats seem real good at destroying what took decades to build up. Enjoy the ‘wokeness’ Chicago.

Last edited 12 days ago by NoHope4Illinois
True believer
12 days ago

Lori’s idea of economic development is to throw away more money on ridiculous projects in the south and west sides intended to buy votes to insure her reelection. Wasting money on contact tracers, safe passage workers, virtual summer workers, and now unnecessary construction projects. They do not want affordable, they want free. Lori is just waiting for senile joe and goofy Harris to win so she can get a bailout. She is buying off her voters to get re-elected.

12 days ago

You would have to be insane to put money in a down town business.They will burn it out when round 2 comes to chicago.

12 days ago
Reply to  dom

Property insurance rates have to at least double, if you can get it.