Principals began notifying affected teachers and support staff this morning. In total, district officials say 494 teachers, including 256 with tenure, and 492 support staff got word their jobs would be cut. Most of them — 654 positions — were at high schools.

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4 years ago

This would only save about 100 million bucks pay and health-care costs………a drop in the bucket compared to the unaffordable and impossible to pay for………PENSION PLAN. So what is the point in laying off 1000 of them. They should have kept them and just underfund the pension by 100M…….it’s already gonna go bankrupt in 10 years.

4 years ago
Reply to  Steve-Oh

How many of those laid-off teachers were Tier 2? I’d venture all of them. So even in downsizing CPS manages to get the worst bang-for-the-buck possible.