By: Ted Dabrowski

A few days ago we highlighted a graphic that showed Chicagoans aged 20 and under are at far higher risk of dying from homicide than they are from COVID-19. We were making the case for why CPS schools should restart in-person teaching asap. 

Reader @EWoodhouse7 recommended we look at a similar graphic that includes more age brackets. Kudos to her, because it’s an image that captures just how messed up the city of Chicago is these days.

For Chicagoans under the age of 40, death by homicide has been more likely than death by COVID, and in many cases, far more likely. 

Here’s the breakdown based on data directly obtained from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office:*

  • If you are 19 or younger, you are 46 times more likely to die of homicide than COVID.
  • If you are between the ages of 20-24, 12 times more likely. 
  • If you are between the ages of 25-29, nine times more likely. 
  • If you are between the ages of 30-34, three times more likely. 
  • If you are between the ages of 35-40, 1.2 times more likely. 

Only once you get above the age of 40 do COVID deaths overtake homicides. That, of course, is because homicides are dominated by the younger age groups, while COVID’s deadly impact kicks in at ages 50 and above.

This graphic is a combination of the city’s sad approach to both COVID and crime.

*This simple calculation ignores neighborhood, race and other factors that would make the risks for a given demographic group more precise.

Read more about COVID, crime and violence in Chicago here:

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Thee Jabroni
19 days ago

If anyone wants to hear some info about covid and the extreme over reaction to it listen to Alex Berensen on the Joe Rogan podcast,very informative and exlpains things that you wont hear from democrat politicians or the lame stream media

19 days ago
Reply to  Thee Jabroni

Alex Berenson has also written 3 booklets about covid, lockdowns, and masks that are available as e-books. Highly recommend them.

Thee Jabroni
19 days ago
Reply to  heyjude

Thank u,will check it out,he reaffirms what ive said for a while that most of this is a bunch of overblown fearmongering hype!

David F
19 days ago

The rise in school children shootings is criminal, charge the CTU they simply want to teach from the beach.

19 days ago

However, no one wants to address the big fat lazy elephant in the room do they?
The fact that TEACHERS UNIONS don’t want to teach. They want to get paid to sit home and let the kids rot in their homes.
Or let me put it this way. When L.A. Teachers Unions said they weren’t going back until POLICE were DEFUNDED you figured out what all of this rioting and control and virus B.S. was all about.
The GREAT GLOBAL RESET by “the fearful masters”.

Last edited 19 days ago by American
19 days ago
Reply to  American

“However, no one wants to address the big fat lazy elephant in the room do they?”

Are you referring to those big fat lazy slobs wearing “Red” tee shirts in the picture on the right side of this page?

19 days ago
Reply to  Bill

Shirts that say “black educators matter” is unbelievable. Forget about the students. Me me me me! Greed is powerful. Sick

Thee Jabroni
19 days ago
Reply to  Bill

Lol,had to look for myself,doesnt look like most of them have missed too many meals!!

19 days ago

It’s alarming how no one in the Chicago media has a problem with these Democrat failures.

19 days ago

You’re looking at this the wrong way. This not a failure. The gangs and criminals, and their families and support networks, are a major voting block. They want to be able to operate freely without police interference or fear of prosecution. The high crime and murder rate is a success when the goal is street justice and a celebration of the thug life. The provide the votes, they demonize the police, they support the politicians. If you listen to the words of the progressives, this is exactly what they say. They practically say this out loud.

19 days ago

Speak for yourself Ted, some people take zero chances with their kids. My kids are made to carry titanium umbrella domes outside to protect against meteorites, lined with lead for possible radiation exposure from nuclear bombs, and a lightning rod on top (even on sunny days).

Last edited 19 days ago by Doug
19 days ago

The Cook County Medical Examiner seems to have omitted one very critical statistic in his study and that is the number of deaths that came in under the “other” category during the same period.