“Nothing is more structural and procedural than the way the districts are drawn, but the four Democratic justices disagreed.”

Comment: Comment: The majority opinion written by Justice Kibride is among the most disingenuous, unconvincing, deliberately garbled strings of pretentious nothingisms you’ll find in a legal opinion. Its 22 pages are mostly petty background, meaningless comments from delegates to the constitutional convention and other irrelevancies. The hallmark of a bad judge is an obtuse, lengthy opinion, short on plain English in hopes of tricking the public into thinking the writer is more sophisticated than he is.

The central principle at issue, barely discussed, is that ballot initiative was intended as a means of checking legislative power. The court obliterated that by effectively saying that an amendment would have to go through the legislature itself.

The dissenting opinion by Justice Karmeir isn’t written any more comprehensibly — 39 pages of blather.

The only part worth reading is the two-page dissent by Justice Thomas that starts on page 23, which is perfect.

Folks, Illinois has a rogue high court. Its credibility is long gone. It’s been gone since the Kanerva decision in which, out of thin air, they made up a constitutional right for pensioners to get healthcare, spiking the state’s pension liability over 50% in the stroke of a pen.

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Andrew Szakmary
4 years ago

And the US Supreme Court that handed the 2000 Presidential election to George W. Bush in a 5-4 decision, with all Republicans voting in the majority and all Democrats against, was not a rogue court? Fortunately, conservatives have lost their majority on that court for the forseeable future unless the unthinkable happens in this Presidential election. I don’t see a Scalia-less court overturning the ISC on this ruling. By the way, the Kanerva ruling was a 6-1 ISC decision, with 2 of the 3 Republicans voting with the majority, and the later ruling overturning direct pension diminishment was 7-0. By… Read more »

4 years ago

The best reason to Vote Trump is to have a conservative voice on the Supreme Court to replace conservative Scalia.