“This is why we left Chicago. This is why we call our move to the suburbs one of the smartest decisions we’ve made. This is why we’re encouraging all of our friends to do the same.”

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Common sense
4 years ago

This guy is a typical intolerant hate-filled liberal Democrat. And now, he moves to the suburbs, to live with the Republican enclave in the suburbs.

You would think since the democrats have run Chicago for the last 70 years, it would be utopia for people like, Steve.

People like him should be forced to live what he has voted for, in Chicago.

4 years ago

As I told my brother the other night, society is unraveling here at a rather alarming rate.

Fred from Rogers Park
4 years ago

Excellent piece. Not political. Not confrontational. Not racial. Just a common sense analysis of what an ordinary guy wants for his family when living in a neighborhood anywhere. We are getting to the point when our local government is just breaking down and can’t even provide the basic requirements of a neighborhood anymore.