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The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability has a piece out today linked here challenging the “narrative,” as they call it, about shrinking Illinois that’s being misused, as they see it, to justify policy reforms.

It’s really a problem of too few people moving in, not people moving out, they say. We’re actually pretty content with how we’re doing, is their point. And property taxes have no influence on where people move, they say.

No. Negative net migration is what counts, and it’s bad, no matter which side of the equation is the cause. In fact, you should expect lower in-migration to suffer long before out-migration accelerates. That’s because people leaving another state, for whatever reason, are already in a position to move and are doing so, but not choosing Illinois. But it takes years for those who become fed up to make a move — they have to find a new job, wait for kids to graduate, sell their homes and so on. Polls here have long shown that a staggering 50% of Illinoisans say they want to leave. Many will, but it takes time.

And as for their claim that property taxes don’t influence moving, well, I think you know.

The CTBA is a union-dominated and heavily union-funded propaganda machine, and their propaganda isn’t very good.

-Mark Glennon



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my city worker neighbors are definitely part of the out-migrators in my hood– the firefighter guy just split for Tennessee the minute he retired, the streets and san guys counten the days till he can get set up in Arizona when his gigantic retirement kicks in. me–I’m stuck payen the bills.
What’s most frightening about CTBA is the press, (from Hinz to ST to trib to WBEZ) seem to take whatever CTBA & mr martirre say as Gospel in the war to sink rauner–which depressingly they’ve pretty much won. while IPI is written in the press of as extreme right wing.

bob Fairfield OH

Tell the streets and san guy to enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s not going to. The city will have to adopt suicidal property tax rates to fund their pensions. I assume you are aware of the automatic property tax increases that start in 2020 to fund pensions? Thank God, I got out just in time.