It’s the latest sign that public unions get everything they want from Illinois’ current government.

In 1995, the state passed reforms for Chicago schools removing key items from the list of things subject to the collective bargaining process, a process that almost always means public unions win. Those items include class size, length of the school day, length of the school year, student assessment policies and more.

But, as reported by Crain’s yesterday, “Quietly approved by the House late last week was a bill that would repeal those reforms.” That means the Chicago Teachers Union will have its way on those matter or it will have the right to strike over them in the fall when a new teachers’ contract will have to be in place.

Senate President John Cullerton has indicated support and his supermajority in the Senate undoubtedly will go along, as will Governor Pritzker, who probably will never consider crossing the Chicago Teachers Union.

For public unions, it’s open season on the state. Count on much more to come.

Mark Glennon, founder, Wirepoints.

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1 year ago

CTU will find some reason to strike regardless.

Red Raspberry
1 year ago

State Unions are a pillar of Marxist Philosophy!

1 year ago

sure trying to get rid of Tier II will be next. Madigans henchman, Martwicks already all over it. the unions will have to try and keep the Tier II underlings in line and offer them a bone to pay for the Tier I $starwars$ deals–active or retired. how many retired Tier I even live in the state nobody knows