The Chicago Teachers Union’s Big Bargaining Team wants the union to walk off the job if a contract deal isn’t reached by October. That’s according to the union’s latest contract bulletin, which is urging its members to prepare during the first weeks of school just in case.

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4 years ago

I hope they strike, and I hope cps caves and gives them millions of borrowed dollars to end the strike. The sooner cps goes into bankruptcy is the only chance for reform. The more money cps borrows and the more taxes go up, etc. and the more they push problems into the future, is what it takes to get reform in Chicago. Glad I don’t pay taxes there and I avoid going into the city all I can.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rick

CPS can’t go into bankruptcy unless state law is changed. Their only other option is to keep bending taxpayers over. If taxpayers leave the city, either someone buys their place and keeps paying taxes, or the bank takes it over and pays the taxes. Coming right after another huge property tax increase to fund pensions, I think CTU grossly overestimates the amount of support they have.

J.A. Herzrent
4 years ago
Reply to  bob

Following foreclosure, the bank puts the house on the market in the hope of recovering its mortgage balance. Hopefully that balance is less than the so-called “market value” of the house. The appearance of an increasing number of lower-priced houses on the market drives down everyone else’s property values. Sooner or later, the assessed value of all homes declines as does resulting property tax revenue. Owners with no home equity abandon their houses after going a few years without paying taxes. Now the city or the county or the school district foreclose tax liens and we have a lot more… Read more »