Chicago will shell out about $1 billion from the 2017 budget for pensions. That’s enough to cover more than 7,000 police officers, based on an estimated cost of $138,000 a head in the first year for salary, supervision and other benefits. The average cost of a police officer is $180,000.

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3 years ago

from the cities own web site the 2016 budget for police, office of emrg mgnt, ipra, police board etc is an astounding $2.5 billion (34% goes to pensions and benefits). and yet the self-serv-acrate politicians, social justice warriors and the hapless news media give zero criticism or info on how that fortune is being spent. or how other cities with similar demographics are able produce much better results for far less. instead thanks to wp, you can read about it in Bloomberg. why isn’t spending tax dollars judiciously to stop crime a civil right issue? Is chicago budget for cops… Read more »

3 years ago

Note to Liz Campbell: Correction: Rahmbo has made ZERO progress. Just interest on the Police & Fire 11B unfunded, is $1.5B. Add in the interest of 0.6B on the unfunded 8B of Munic and Laborers, and you get over 2B of interest on unfunded. And that improves the funding position of the plans………zero. Throw in 10B unfunded in CPS, interest on that is 0.75B, and you have a stratospherically high contribution , just to break even and keep the unfunded from growing But there’s Normal Cost for Actives of 0.4B for those 5 plans. Hello bankruptcy. And Liz, Rahmbo says… Read more »

3 years ago

“This week, residents will learn from Mayor Rahm Emanuel how he plans to add more police to stem a wave of more than 500 killings and 2,500
shootings, mostly in black and Hispanic neighborhoods. The body count outstrips that of New York and Los Angeles combined.”