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1 year ago

This is another Trump Derangement Syndrome bill. There is already a federal solution for people who can’t afford to pay their bills – it’s called Bankruptcy. In fact, people in IL file more of it on a per capita basis than almost any other state!! Second, the comment that “Herrera says the issue mainly affects minority communities.” is TOTALLY RACIST. What Mr. Herrera is really saying is that minorities don’t pay their bills on time. What a horrible racist thing to say. Does he assume that POC are incapable of responsibly paying their bills? Is timely bill paying something that… Read more »

1 year ago

Illinois should change the law of 1% month late payments after the initial 90 day period. This should have been indexed to the prime rate which is now 5.5% not 12% and much lower the past few years. When enacted in the early 80’s prime was 12% and not indexed to prime rate changes or CPI like other states did. Taxpayers could saved have many many hundreds of millions. I would love to get 5.5% let alone 12% on late payments owed to me. This can and should still be done now.