Illinois Democrats are having a ball ridiculing Governor Rauner for claiming he always submitted balanced budgets and taunting him about balancing his upcoming new submission.

“LOL” tweeted Lou Lang (D-Skokie) today about Rauner’s claim. Comptroller Mendoza has been lead heckler, writing that Rauner “has 14 days to deliver a balanced budget that doesn’t involve pixie dust and magic beans.”

They’re certainly right that Rauner’s proposed budgets have not been balanced. I’ve been hard on him, too, for saying otherwise.

But, jeez, what hypocrisy. If you want to see “pixie dust and magic beans,” look through the Civic Federation’s list of reasons why the Democrats’ budget isn’t balanced. They passed it over Rauner’s veto. It’s unbalanced by $1.5 billion according to GOMB, The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. Even according to Politifact, the left’s favorite fact-checker, Rauner’s claim that the current budget is over $1 billion short is “mostly true.”

Remember that all these calculations are done under standard government budget conventions, making them nearly useless. As we’ve written repeatedly (stories here and here), true losses are far, far greater.

Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.



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2 years ago

Too bad citizens listen to politicians and only hear the fight and not the underlying issues. If they did they would do a clean sweep of their representatives.