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Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker sure did enlighten me in a radio interview this week on WBUR.

He was asked to respond to Governor Rauner’s claim that residents may have to leave the state if Pritzker is elected because he will raise taxes.

“That’s false,” answered Pritzker. Rauner is lying, he says.

Since so many of you have told us in you would move in your comments and emails, that makes you liars, too. Yup, it’s all so clear now. I’ve been duped. Maybe you’re not even even real — just Rauner campaign workers spreading lies.

Makes me wonder what else you’ve tricked me about.

Like Pritzker’s tax plan. You’ve been hiding it from me, haven’t you? Pritzker says in the interview he “put forward a plan to implement a fair tax in the state which would lower taxes for the middle class and those striving to get there, and would raise taxes on Bruce Rauner and people like him and me.” You, Rauner and your rich friends probably figured out how to rig my internet so I couldn’t find it. Made me look like a dope for saying Pritzker has no way to pay for all the wonderful things he has promised.

And you’ve been hiding a very big thing Pritzker will fix. The state should be funding about half the local school bill, he said in the interview, most of which now comes from property taxes. That’s many billions more Pritzker knows how to budget that nobody told me about.

Well, I’m on to you now. It’s all there in the interview. You can read a summary linked here.

And Pritzker wouldn’t lie. He’s really a swell guy.

In fact, I found some sweet pictures of him when he was a kid.


Here he is when they told him he could be governor some day.

Mark Glennon is founder and executive editor of Wirepoints.

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Leaving Illinois

There is no doubt that Fatboy will be a disaster for Illinois (not that Rauner is any better) and we will be taxed out of our homes. Went by a Fatboy office and in front of the door were stacks and stacks of expensive bottled water. He will have to raise taxes immediately to keep buying his staff expensive water and chocolates.


I’ve always said Rauner should write JB’s tax story for him: “If you’re middle class, can you afford an extra $500/$2,000/$5,000 in taxes on top of what you already spend today? Are you willing to sacrifice your retirement savings to support JB’s notions of grandeur? Are you wiling to be a mouse in a billionaire’s lab experiment?”

Illinois Entrepreneur

I think this is the correct strategy. If Pritz won’t (and he won’t) put forth details of the tax plan, then we should make assumptions about what that would have to be, and put it out there. If we’re wrong, then leave it to Pritz to correct the record.


I’m worse than just a plain old American liar. I am a Rooskie Bot liar. Jumbo Boy’s plan to tax Illinois into prosperity is the best thing that can happen — to IN, WI, MO, MI, FL, AZ, CO and of course Mother Russia.


He’s still going to be elected, and he’s still going to be a disastrous governor. If you aren’t trying to get out now (or at least move to Kenosha or NW Indiana), you should be.

Well, I -am- a liar, but it’s generally about how fat/old my friends look.

Also, I don’t live in Illinois. And certainly wouldn’t move there, given this info. It’s bad enough in NY and CT.

also, i -love- the Spanky gifs 🙂