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world with end
1 year ago

The sad conclusion is that it doesn’t matter much whether the progressive state income tax becomes law. If it becomes law, the IL pols will keep increasing the rates over time. If it doesn’t, there are many taxes and user fees they can increase or create. Either way, IL residents are screwed, and significant outward migration will continue. What’s astounding is that the sensible fix to rein in pensions and health care benefits isn’t being considered. Working on that fix should be the emphasis of the IL pols, not increasing taxes and user fees. The IL pols should be very… Read more »

Bob Out of Here
1 year ago

What Republicans should demand is the amendment also include rates, brackets and exemptions. This would force the Democrats to admit they will raise rates since it would require another amendment to change them.

1 year ago

More than likely this will not be approved by voters but what worries or concerns me the most is what will be the Democrats Plan B?? What are the myriad of taxes they could pass WITHOUT any voter approval needed? Pandora’s box of new taxes and and increases in existing taxes WILL be opened. Will it be a 1% property tax on top of local property taxes? Will it be taxing private 401K’s and retirement accounts to pay for public pensions? I am not in favor of this passing at all but the failure of the progressive tax could be… Read more »

Truth in Cook County
1 year ago
Reply to  Freddy

Rather than worrying, do something. Simple solution is to move. Both Indiana and Wisconsin are reasonably close to Chicago. An added benefit is you are do not feel the contempt / hate if you have some conservative views.

1 year ago

Don’t worry, it won’t pass. The amendment needs virtually every Democrat vote in the state assuming that no republicans vote for it. fortunately recent downstate polling shows it is not popular at all and even Democrat voters don’t believe the ‘only 3% will see a tax increase’ propaganda. It will go down in flames if it makes it on the ballot at all after polling shows it will be DOA with voters. Even Hillary only got 55% of the vote. No way this bill will get 60%. These politicians take us for idiots.

Illinois Entrepreneur
1 year ago
Reply to  Debtsor

Unfortunately there are two ways for it to pass. The other way is to get a majority of voters voting in that election, to vote “yes.” The 60% threshold you refer to kicks in only if less than a majority of voters that mark ballots vote on this particular constitutional amendment. There will probably be much more than a majority of voters that vote a response to this, so it will come down to a simple majority of all those voters. We can hope that people see through this and punish these politicians, but this is Illinois, after all. It’s… Read more »

Hansie Muller
1 year ago

I will be be voting NO. No way I am authorizing the Illinois House and Senate to set tax rates as they please. They don’t manage the money I give them today very well. They should not be rewarded with more tax money.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hansie Muller

thank you.