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1 year ago

Awesome, less congressional seats and hopefully less democratic representation nationally. We need to lose more so Ohio overtakes IL population wise and get our Congressional seats down to 15 or 16. Illinois must fail!!!

1 year ago

How bad does it have to get? Is Madigan still speaker? Didn’t Fatass just win the governor’s race? Don’t the democrats control government at all levels in Chicago and Springfield? Yes? Then it’s not bad. The democrats and the greed-crazed unions don’t care about the fiscal or economic health of Illinois, all they care about is that they and their buddies are getting rich at the public trough. As long as the democrats and their union masters are getting filthy rich at the public’s expense, things are not bad. That’s how these people think

1 year ago
Reply to  Buh-bye

Whenever I see handringing about the unfunded pension problems of Illinois, large numbers of people moving out of state and perpetual talk of tax increases juxtaposed to the recent removal of Republican and they’re being the only smidgen of hope of turning things around I just have to laugh. It will be like the story of The Lorax – the politicians will suck the state dry and when it becomes unbearable even for them, they’ll move away with all their pension money. In this state, social issues trump economic ones. For all the Dem voters at the lower end of… Read more »

Mr. Common Sense
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Glennon

You got that right, Mark. Keep up the great work!