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Sue Donovan
7 months ago

Why do they need a holiday when the state just decided to do mail in…
Which I am against…
more government over reach.
Pretzker needs to go , his interest is not Illinois

7 months ago
Reply to  Sue Donovan

The common wisdom is that mail in ballots favor Democrats. But I’m not so sure that’s the case. A republican just won a R congressional seat in CA with mail in ballots. Ballot harvesting ensures that Democrats win because they have the corrupt ground game. But take away the corrupt harvesting part, and send out ballots to everyone, and those that rarely vote (and are otherwise disenfranchised because of gerrymandering) those in charge may discover that there’s a lot more republicans and ‘swing’ districts than they thought. I have friends and family members throughout IL that lean conservative – but… Read more »

7 months ago

You can make sure there is a BIG ulterior motive by Pritzger and the Democrat politicians of Illinois, giving Illinois Government workers Election Day off.

7 months ago

Zero semblance to a level playing field. But hey, now that they will mail all of the ballots out maybe my dead grandmother will vote against the tax increases to pay for all of these government workers’ pensions (whom ironically will not be working that day)!

7 months ago

Nothing about Illinois government behavior surprises me anymore. Pick a topic, any topic…the elected officials choose to implement the most unfair, unbalanced, unplanned solution that penalizes the tax payer. Every-single-time. Nothing the Illinois Government has done in the past 20 years has been a benefit to the tax payer. If anyone knows of a good thing they did for the tax payer…I’d be happy to hear about it. I may have waited too long, but I think I need to put a coat of paint on the house, get what I can for it and head to Tennessee.

Governor of Alderaan
7 months ago

Every day is a holiday for these lazy parasites

Mick the Tick
7 months ago

When it comes to Liberals vs Conservatives in Illinois, it’s best to realize the former already won the war. Don’t shed any more blood on this fight. Surrender and call your liberal neighbors “master”, or flee to a free state. Your choice. Be thankful you have one.

7 months ago

Sandusky, Ohio drew attention for doing this as well. But they at least moved the Columbus Day paid holiday to Election Day for city workers. Why did I waste all this time in school when I could have lived the dream as an Illinois public worker?

Bob Out of Here
7 months ago
Reply to  Matt

Employee, not worker. These jagoffs don’t have a clue what work is. Spending the next 4 hours after you clock in deciding where to go for lunch isn’t work.

7 months ago
Reply to  Matt

I have a good friend who lives in Sacramento who half jokingly / half seriously blames his father for not suggesting that he get a state job when he entered the job market in the late 70’s. While my friend worries about making payroll, his friend retired in his fifties with a $120k pension. Yes, California pensions are as lavish as those in Illinois And never once did his friend have to worry about getting laid off as private-sector employees do.

Illinois Entrepreneur
7 months ago


I absolutely despise the politicians in this state.

I’m so angry I can’t even put any more words together.

7 months ago

My solution is get out of here I also am heading for TN as soon as I sell my house hopefully that won’t take years feel bad for you business owners move your business if you can

Deep in the Heart
7 months ago
Reply to  Joyce

Seems like a lot of people have mentioned Tennessee. TN is going to have a surplus of U-Haul trucks. I saw a political cartoon that depicted JB as “U-Haul Employee of the Year”

long gone
7 months ago

I moved from Illinois to TN 2 years ago. Uhaul rent from ill and dropped off in TN was 4 times the cost of TN to Illinois. That shows how many people are moving here from IL