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Chase Gioberti
12 days ago

Beware the Madigan replacement down the road. It will make Madigan look like Ron Paul.

The Kingfish
12 days ago

Rats deserting a sinking ship

Governor of Alderaan
13 days ago

Yawn. Wake me when the Democrats actually do something besides saying a few harsh words

13 days ago

This is the same crook who has been in power for decades. These democrats who are now against him move with the wind. If there was no investigation going on…it would be business as usual. These people aren’t heros, where were they when there wasn’t an investigation for corruption?

Fed up neighbor
13 days ago
Reply to  Daskoterzar

kissing Madigan’s ass

12 days ago

and actually still kissing his ring no matter what body part he puts it on

Ex Illini
14 days ago

Couldn’t happen to a bigger dirtbag. Watching his fall from power will be so sweet.