My ace research assistant sadly brought this to my attention: the cold facts from an American Medical Veterinary Association report released last month.

Just 31% of Illinois households own a dog. That’s down from 32.4% in 2013 when they released their last report, and that’s on a shrinking population base. Illinois had the lowest rate of dog ownership among the states when that last report was done. A few other states apparently are suffering the same fate – eight others now have fewer dogs per household.

Illinois’ human birth rate has been declining, too – by 8.1% since 2011. That means fewer kids in Illinois.

I live by simple rules. One is that people who don’t like kids and dogs are no good. If those are the folks remaining in Illinois, I say we have real problems.

Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints.

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1 year ago

I’ve had many dogs. It’s why I didn’t move and am now stuck here. I can’t afford any more because of the high cost of survival in Hellinois.

1 year ago

Might have something to do with all the Pet laws they have passed in the last few years.