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5 months ago

What is the death rate on all of these newly found cases?

5 months ago

While the state conducted more tests in a single day than ever before, revealing nearly 3,000 new cases, the positivity rate continued to slowly increase – as did the rolling 7-day average number of daily new cases. That figure put Illinois over the threshold at which it would theoretically be included on Chicago’s emergency travel order requiring a 14-day quarantine.

LOL. This is too funny for words. So Lori will keep “her” people confined to the City? Not likely.

5 months ago

When will the truckers refuse to supply Chicago?

5 months ago

No one wants to go to Chicago any more anyways.

The defaced property and boarded up windows are a Debbie Downer not to mention who knows when you will come across a protest or get robbed or worse.

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Lyn P
5 months ago

DO IT, Leadfoot!! And explain the logistical and legal wrap-arounds while you’re at it. What a gremlin goof.