Baise: “Government is closing Illinois one day at a time,” he concluded. “Manufacturers have had it, and many of them won’t take it anymore. They aren’t necessarily fleeing the state in droves, although many have left. Instead, when expanding, they do it in other states,” costing Illinois good-paying middle-class factory jobs that it badly needs.

Comment: It would take years and will still be subject to U.S. Constitutional challenges, especially as to earned benefits, which it would need to cover to really accomplish what’s needed.

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4 years ago

“to ensure that politicians could not welch on their commitment to provide a modest retirement income to men and women who gave their careers to the public service.” I don’t think 6 figure pensions where the average pensioner only pays 4% of their total lifetime benefits and taxpayers get stuck with the bill for the other 96% qualifies as modest.