“Boss Madigan is beholden to the public-sector unions. Gov. Bruce Rauner appealed to the private sector. Yet he seems to be talking past many of those voters, unable or unwilling to connect with the worries and concerns of the people who put him in office.”

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bob oriole park
3 years ago

Rauner is a total failure when it comes to communicating the rationale behind the decisions he has made. Why is Illinois Policy giving in depth explanations of the cost of the AFSCME contract but Rauner is not? When he vetoed the pension bill for police and fire, if he even read it, he didn’t bother to state he vetoed it because it mandates automatic tax increases starting in 2020. When he vetoes spending because a dedicated account has no money in it as he did with MAP grants earlier this year, why is it the Northwest Herald’s job to compare… Read more »

3 years ago

Totally agreed Bob.

Rauner staff either doesn’t have the stomach for the fight or doesn’t realize what the fight is really about. Doesn’t speak well of the Gov that he doesn’t see this or is ok with this.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mark Glennon

How about a “Why Dalton?” article to get things kicked off?