The difference in performance between Indiana and Illinois governments is truly difficult to grasp.

Indiana has announced a $360 Million surplus that will allow it to give a credit of $111 to all taxpayers in the state.  Illinois faces never-ending tax increases and accumulated bills over $200 Billion.

Illinois blames the recession. Illinois says it provides superior services.  Can anybody still say such things with a straight face?

When Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels visited Chicago two years ago promoting his state, I asked him myself what he attributed the differences in Illinois’ and Indiana’s fiscal performance to.  Without hesitation, he said he cracked down on unions as soon as he took office. While unions are no doubt part of it, the difference between the financial situation in Indiana and Illinois is so vast that I for one am hard pressed to pin it on any single thing — or any list of things I can think of off the top of my head. Today’s Illinois inherited priceless assets that Indiana did not — O’Hare Airport, world famous universities, dozens of multinational companies, status as a financial center and countless more things Indiana envies, but Indiana’s government is able to pay its way and Illinois’ cannot come close.

Mind boggling.


Mark Glennon



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7 years ago

Unbelieveble that Illinois newspapers aren’t all over this.

7 years ago

Would like to know how many people have already made the move to Indiana. Got any numbers?

Ron G.
7 years ago

Fighting against unions is hopeless in this state