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15 days ago

Well, from whom would she like to receive this desparately needed lesson?

Old Spartan
15 days ago

Absolutely heartbreaking interviews last night and this am on the news re the murder of this one years old. Leadership lessons? What has she done since 42 people were shot a couple of weeks ago? Then 102 shot weeks later? Absolutely nothing. It is not only a lack of leadership– there isn’t even a response– good , bad or weak. Just nothing. She better take help from wherever she can get it and swallow her pride. You have to wonder how long the African American ministers, community leaders, parents, principals, cops, etc will put up with this rampant ineptitude and… Read more »

15 days ago

It’s president Trump, Lori, it’s President Trump to you. He’s still your president.

Tom Paine's Ghost
16 days ago

What Lightfoot needs is Chicago bankruptcy now.

Bob Out of Here
16 days ago

Then who does she need them from? She sure as heck needs them. You can call her Mayor F-Bomb after that city council outburst.

16 days ago

Lightfoot goes Chicago State on a problem that requires University of Chicago thinking. Again.

16 days ago

“I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump”.

Hey groot, if you take a look at the out of control crime and abysmal finances in Chicago, I would say you most certainly do. The whole city is a complete train wreck.

Go be a community organizer or some such. You definitely don’t have what it takes to be mayor.

Chase Gioberti
15 days ago
Reply to  Gemini

I prefer “Beetlejuice” to “Groot”.

Fed up neighbor
16 days ago

So true, you take leadership lessons from chuckles the clown. Aka (Pritzker)

16 days ago

She is a very tiny person. In more ways that one.

16 days ago

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a LEADER.”John Quincy Adams. You just need leadership skills in general. Even basic ones would help.

Lyn P
16 days ago
Reply to  Freddy

And a heavy semester of “English for public officials who want to avoid sounding like street trash.”

16 days ago

And Ms LL doesn’t need to request any $$$ from President Trump.

Enjoy the misery Chicago – you voted for it.

16 days ago

Right you are queenie!!

All that you need is money from him.

Why not ask the Pritzker billionaires for the money?

Ha, ha, ha ha ha…, tee hee

16 days ago

Yes, you do need leadership lessons.

17 days ago

I find it almost impossible to comment when the topic is Lightfoot. Too many words I would use would get me banned from Wirepoints.

17 days ago

Larry, you are a total failure. You don’t need leadership lessons you should be thrown out of office for incompetence. In case you didnt read the first sentence, Larry, you are a total failure.