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Bob out of here
1 year ago

Too bad she doesn’t share the same sense of outrage about the drastically tardy CAFR.

1 year ago

““She got the numbers wrong. She got the location wrong,” Lightfoot is a lawyer. She knows when facts are bad, pound on the law; when the law is bad, pound on the facts. And when both are bad, pound on the other party. Which is exactly what she did by saying that Ivanka got it wrong. It was 55, not 59 shot; and it was a park, not a playground. As if these are excuses!! It obviously rattled her too because she said she wasn’t going to respond to nonsense tweets and then did so. And it was her own… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  debtsor

Yep. She more or less admits that her city is a lawless crime pit.