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Lyn P
13 days ago

AND the clown-backwards-world spins on…”cases” are nothing but a function of the quantity of fake tests. Masks CAUSE respiratory (and other) problems, they don’t prevent them. The scam is near-maddening at this point, and seems all persons serving in any “official” role are complicit in this destruction of society.

13 days ago

You mean to tell me people are out there living their lives? No way! Meanwhile LP is prime picking for criminals. Something we’re not at all short on.

I can recall exiting the alley door of a job i was at in the Lincoln Commons area to find police tape. That was the morning the DePaul student was slashed…

and she’s worried about yoga. Its her thinking thats going backwards.

13 days ago

Hey, Alderwoman, leave the kids alone.

The city has a bigger problem which is shootings, murders, and crime.

Not to mention there are unintended consequences from micromanaging people’s lives.

Think of a creative alternative which is better than nothing.

Perhaps a pop star will volunteer to post a social media video of themselves wearing a mask in public while social distancing or something.

Last edited 13 days ago by Mike