State Board of Elections’ filings show the Speaker collected over half a million dollars from union reps and trial lawyers Thursday, December 17 – the same day another budget meeting was scheduled.

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Bob Oriole Park
4 years ago

What an arrogant little dick. Didn’t even bother to tell everyone else he had a prior engagement that day and could not make the budget meeting.

4 years ago

Much like how you and I stock up on contact lenses before the end of the year to use up our Flex benefits, all the organized labor and public sector unions are maxing out their political contributions before the election cycle ends next week. It’s interesting to see how they find ways to shovel multiple payments to the usual suspects. For example, the Construction & General Laborers’ sent two $53,900 contributions to Cullerton: one to the ‘Committee to Support John Cullerton for State Central Committeeman’ and another to ‘Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate’. I highly doubt… Read more »