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Read, if you have access to it, that Wall Street Journal editorial headlined “Illinois Drives People Away.”

The primary data it cites is this:

The Prairie State lost a record $4.75 billion in adjusted gross income to other states in the 2015 tax year, according to recently IRS data released. That’s up from $3.4 billion in the prior year. Many of the migrants were retirees who often flock to balmier climes. But millennials accounted for more than a third of the net outflow in tax returns.

That data should be on every front page, I wrote last week, but the Illinois press had ignored it entirely. They still have. Not a single mention in the regular Illinois media I can find.

Is it reluctance to scare the children? Ignorance about the significance of data like that? Or maybe it’s because the data were originally reported by the Illinois Policy Institute, and it would be uncool in Illinois to write anything similar to what fiscal conservatives like them write, even if it’s not their data.

The Illinois media’s complicity in our fiscal crisis continues. Deny, delay, extend and pretend, just as the politicians do. Illinois’ foot remains firmly on the gas pedal as we descend in the abyss.

-Mark Glennon is founder and Executive Editor of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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Bob Out of here

The key point is it’s data from the IRS, not a source that could be accused of cherry picking data to support their cause, like I’d expect a politician to do. As I remarked in an email to Mark last year, his reporting reminds me of a quote from the book version of The Big Short. Eisman on page 15 speaking to mortgage lenders. Lenders-“You’re wrong, Your data’s wrong.” Eisman-“It’s YOUR f*****g data!” None of the conservative outlets need to make anything up when the truth is so bad. I made my decision to move based on the city/state CAFR’s… Read more »


I posted on Rep. Emmanuel Welch’s Facebook page the original Illinois Policy article and asked a neutral question of what he and other legislators were going to do about it. This was his response: “This article was written by the extreme right wing think tank that is funded by Bruce Rauner. In 2015, Illinois was in the midst of what would be a record budget impasse, a crisis created by Rauner. Many of those that fled the state, left because Rauner destroyed our higher education system. What am i doing to fix it? Working like hell to replace Rauner who… Read more »


I’m not sure why it still shocks me but it does. Denial and finger pointing is all they know. The math will not be delayed or denied. My heart breaks for my beloved Illinois. We’re one recession away from disaster.


Here might be a better way to say this. In Illinois, the state and local government can claim 22.8% of your after-tax income. Instead of government working for you, you are now working for the government. When it comes to property taxes, your government is your landlord and you are paying rent to them.

Bob Out of here

Like a bunch of ostrich’s with their heads buried in the sand, meanwhile there’s a guy walking up with a machete behind them. The next recession is when the machete comes down and decapitates taxpayers. I don’t know when it will happen, but it IS going to happen.

You are absoulutely right, Bo!