“Glennon’s facility with translating the Illinois Ruling Class’ fantasy math into the tangible human costs it imposes makes him a dangerous man to Illinois pols and a must-read for Illinois residents.”


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JT Boyle

Nice job, Mark. Both you and Dan seem to have a very level-headed outlook on all this, which is refreshing amidst the din of the usual Illinois denial politics. The most interesting thing I took away and continue to think about is, “when will the downward spiral gain enough speed to be noticeable?” Perceptive people see it now, but when will it be something that the politicians can’t deny?

Very nice! I’m jealous 😉


Is there a way to circulate this to all legislators and judges so that they can’t plead “surprise” at train-wreck time?


We are lucky to have a person like Mr. Glennon. Who else has the tenacity, intelligence and will to shed light on the political tsumami of Illinois & Chicago politics? The newspapers are inconsistent in reporting the issues and an aggregator that covers all of Illinois without bias is truly appreciated. I would enjoy even more commentary from Mr. Glennon.


Nice interview, it’s great to put a face on the creator of the web site I enjoy every day!


not a fan of a lot of whats on AM 560 or Trump, but —–Fantastic Job!!!