People tell a much more compelling story than numbers do. While those who are leaving McHenry County expressed disgust with Illinois in general, a property tax system they consider crushing and unfair is at or near the top of their lists for moving.

“Almost without exception, everyone wants to leave Illinois. They don’t understand why local governments continue to raise their taxes. They don’t understand it at all.”

Comment: Note that in our recent article about effective property tax rates all municipalities in McHenry County are at or near an astronomical 4%.

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4 years ago

It looks like with the CPS $500 million tax shortfall and the state’s reluctance to help, and with property taxes on the rise and finally with the fed getting ready to raise rates, the pace of Illinois failures are quickening.

I’ve attach a PDF link that helps model what your taxes and home values might do during this time. It also helps to model what’s happening in the south suburbs.