“Our so-called leaders are funding a decadent and corrupt machine that exists to serve themselves rather than the city.”

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mark glennon
4 years ago

He’s a union-funded goon. Unbelievable that people in moderate suburbs like yours can elect these bums.

4 years ago

It’s more than Chicago. My State Rep is Marty Moylan….. How does the Illinois State government take away the ability for homeowners to control property taxes? Ask State Representative Marty Moylan. He knows if your property tax bill is cut into small enough pieces, you lose the ability to control it. He knows that Illinois has more taxing districts than any other state. He laughs as his Democrat’s lawyer friends like Speaker Mike Madigan take homeowners’ monies as we fight with each other to get the best tax appeal. Moylan knows it’s better for homeowners to fight each other than… Read more »