By: Mark Glennon*


The top listed story on the “News” section at NBC5 Chicago’s site right now is headlined, Even During a Security Briefing, SNL’s Trump Would Rather Be Tweeting. The same story is in their “Entertainment” section. What’s the difference if you want to conflate the two?


According to the story (not the sketch but the story), “a theory that has taken hold” that the sketch is accurate — that Trump tweets to “distract the media from his business conflicts — and all the scary people in his cabinet.” No discussion of support is offered for that, of course, just the sketch.


Much of the public gets its news mostly from comedy shows, particularly young people, polls have shown. That’s scary enough, but media like this are all too happy to abuse that fault by injecting their viewpoint into news, entertainment, or whatever this is supposed to be, all while they bitch about “fake news.”


Memo to NBC5: A theory that really has taken hold is that much of the news media has disqualified itself.


*Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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3 years ago

I used to watch NBC when CarolMarine was there, but I can’t stand to turn it on any more . Half of their ads are promoting their own shows They treat Sat Night Live like it is a documentary, and they quote MSNBC stories all the time. They might as well bring back the ultimate fraud and liar, Lyin’ Brian Williams.