The good news is that our readership continues to grow very rapidly!

Unfortunately, that required a server change and some upgrades. While we make the changes our site has sometimes slowed or gone down, but we should be finished within a couple days.

Thanks for your patience and for reading.

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And keep those comments coming in!

-Mark Glennon, Founder


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1 year ago

Congrats! I only read news sites that have reader comments because that is what makes stories come to life. I enjoy this Illinois new site immensely more than the other “Illinois” news site that doesn’t allow reader comments. Same aggregation of stories here as there, plus the reader comments, plus the original content. You have a winning formula others don’t have.

Illinois Entrepreneur
1 year ago

Congrats Mark! (And Ted) I’ve been around since the early days, and you have a great product.

I just wish this were a “mainstream” site in Illinois, but I know that you guys are working hard to make it so.

As such, my annoying comments are here to make everyone else look good!

1 year ago

GREAT GOING WIREPOINTS!!!!-everyone should donate!!
was wondering what was going on, maybe the machine trying to shut us down by hacking the site, wouldn’t put it past then.