“Your neighbors will gladly murder you, given the nod by authority, then blame you for bringing your own death upon yourself. They’ll then move into your empty house, live there guilt-free, and years later, should anybody be so impolite as to raise the subject of your death, deny it ever occurred.”

“The fear is real” of that coming to America under Trump, says Steinberg.

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Frank from Highland Park
4 years ago

Of all the sorry, whiner, sore loser, naive reactions to Trump’s win I have seen, this is about the silliest. Does anyone really think that anything like this will happen? No wonder the major media outlets, and the Sun Times in particular, are losing customers so rapidly. Wild exaggerations like this put into print erode the credibility of the publication. Steinberg looks foolish, and ought to be more responsible with the protection the First Amendment provides him. And the Sun Times should do a reality check regarding the dribble it is presenting to its dwindling customer base.