“At a time when all Chicagoans are being asked to sacrifice with higher taxes, when kids need an education and teachers need paychecks, they’ll be told to strike. I say ‘told’ because too many teachers privately say they support their colleagues but don’t believe they can question their union.”

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4 years ago

With Rahm at his absolute lowest point and CPS under inept and/or corrupt management possible, a strike is inevitable. From a bureaucratic perspective, there hasn’t been a better time for CTU to strike. How the citizens react is another thing, but considering how much money CTU has been pumping into local neighborhood organizations (KOCO, Brighton, etc) lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if the most vocal groups were pro-union, despite the pain felt by those parents. But lucky for them, I solved their problem for free. Here are the equitable terms for the next CPS 3-year contract: – 1% yearly raises… Read more »