“Chicago isn’t the only government with a looming pension crisis. Numbers compiled by the Cook County Treasurer’s office and secreted my way show about a quarter of the government entities under the county umbrella have more retirees than they do employees.”

Comment: The author, Shia Kapos, evidently isn’t a Wirepoints reader if she finds this to be news.

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3 years ago

“There are 34,129 employees in the city of Chicago — not including teachers and school employees — and 46,749 retirees get benefits.”

3 years ago

“Of the 549 government entities under Cook County’s umbrella, 130 have more retirees than they do paid employees…”

“MWRD has 1,982 employees and 2,359 retirees.”

“For Glenview Public School District 34, it’s the state that oversees pension benefits for 1,170 retirees. Employees number 665.”

That is an elementary school district.