In Illinois, insurance premiums under Obamacare will rise on average more than 40 percent for the lowest-tier plans. And plans offered on the exchange are dwindling.

While other states have grappled with big rate hikes, Illinois consumers are bearing the brunt of hikes along with insurance options that don’t suit their needs – or as Alexandra Eidenberg less charitably puts it, “garbage options.”

Comment: Total train wreck.

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4 years ago

It’s a train wreck on many levels, not just the numbers. Lack of open and advertised base pricing for all procedure codes, hidden pricing is the basis of obamacare so there is no real market, it’s a collusion, no hope of price competition and value laddering. Lack of ability to individualize policies, why do I need pregnancy and mental health coverage if I choose to save money by omitting them? Lack of alternatives like catastrophic, health savings accounts, self pay, concierge market, etc. And just the concept of obamacare would be similar to something like “grocery insurance”, every friggin cost… Read more »