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Lori Felts
3 years ago

Rauner is doing his best to negotiate, it’s the GA mostly Madigan who refused to do so, so blame the right person, don’t blame Rauner just because you don’t like him. Most people here didn’t want to same old thing with the D, they are tired of the tax hikes and such, they wanted real change, as we all are tired I’m sure of being in debt, and it’s apparent tax hike are not going to get it. As that is the only thing that has been done for the last 25 – 30 years or so. If the GA… Read more »

3 years ago

What is the “Illinois AFL-CIO” exactly? There is no record of this organization in the USDOL or NFP databases.

3 years ago

“Negotiations have dragged on for months, with 67 days of meetings, 24 formal negotiating sessions, and over 300 different proposals.”
– per Illinois Policy Institute article titled, “AFSCME impasse hearings: Understanding the timeline, process and potential outcomes” by Mailee Smith, dated April 26, 2016