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1 month ago

How about getting rid of the 2 guys who watch the 3rd one dig a hole?

Joe Blow
1 month ago

destroys state economy with his mandates

Trump! This is your fault!

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago

The Dictator makes another announcement that he is incompetent and a failure

1 month ago

Perhaps instead of coming up with the idea to provide Medicaid for illegal alien’s over 65 the money would have been better used on real job creation.

Fed up neighbor
1 month ago

also should of thought about the consequences of shutting down the state, you Pritzker are the one responsible for all this unemployment, you are the one responsible for no monies in the rainy day fund I could keep going but I think everyone in Illinois realizes whose fault it is right Pritzker, dig in your piggy bank and donate to the unemployed.

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Old Spartan
1 month ago

And we really do have to keep all 100% of our state employees on the payroll. Like those hundreds of toll collectors who haven’t collected a nickel for six months. What do they do every day? We really need some federal dollars to keep them fully paid.

Ex Illini
1 month ago

Should have thought about that before criticizing the President at every press conference.