Professor Richard A. Epstein is a nationally known legal scholar on faculty at both the University of Chicago Law School and New York University Law School.

Last month, he wrote an article titled “Chicago’s New Obama Burden” laying out his reasoning for supporting the lawsuit now pending to stop construction of the Obama Center in Chicago’s Jackson Park.

Today, he formally filed an amicus in support of the plaintiffs opposed to the Jackson Park location. It is linked here: Epstein Amicus

Richard Epstein

Epstein, as the brief says, has taught for “decades and written extensively on trust and property issues, including the public trust doctrine, and as such is deeply interested in the development and application of public trust principles.”

For further background on the lawsuit, see our earlier articles linked below, including our Wall Street Journal article.

-Mark Glennon, Founder, Wirepoints





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Patrick Sharpe
1 year ago

A “Bait & Switch” fiasco that was supposed to be a Presidential Library; but turns out a Political Center for Community Organizers!