The administration filed an unfair labor practice complaint Thursday with the Illinois Labor Relations Board saying the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is blocking its efforts to impose its contract terms.

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3 years ago

It isn’t one man defining the cause. It is the Illinois taxpayers saying the Public State Union has too generous of benefits beyond what the average taxpayer has. A four year wage freeze for highest in the nation wages when most taxpayers have seen their paychecks shrink. Paying more for healthcare is an ongoing theme on the private sector taxpayer. What makes these guys special that they are immune from paying their fair share? Why should social workers or nurses who work in private industry jobs pay for gold benefits for Public Union State employees? This isn’t about whether they… Read more »

Andrew Szakmary
3 years ago

I read the article, and all I can say is wow! A four-year wage freeze and a doubling of health insurance premiums, which Rauner apparently wants to impose on the workers, seems quite unprecedented in the history of the United States and really, really extreme. Lets let the courts sort this one out. Thankfully we have a system of checks and balances in our country, where one man is not allowed to go off the deep end and exercise unchecked dictatorial powers.

3 years ago

Well, in this case, this “dictator” is the only representative the taxpayers have at the bargaining table, and considering the generosity in prior contracts with AFSCME, he’s the first representative the taxpayers have had in a long time. Context is key. If you peruse old contracts, you’ll see many instances of COLA raises every 6 months on top of yearly step raises. Post 2008 recession, AFSCME employees have done pretty well, absent that one time Quinn cancelled raises back in 2011. Go back 20 years and you’ll see AFSCME members received a huge bump in pension benefits when the years… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  nixit71

Wow, talk about spiking your pension… ” Go back 20 years and you’ll see AFSCME members received a huge bump in pension benefits when the years of service calculation increased from 1-1.5% to 1.67%” Today, The number of years worked, times 1.67, times your salary… So you work 30 years, and your final salary is $80 k, Gives you a $40 k starting pension. 20 years ago, retiring with an 80k salary, your starting pension would have been $24k. $24k vs $40k starting pension,,, then add 3% compounded cola No wonder sers pension fund is $28 billion unfunded. Taxpayers are… Read more »

3 years ago

Hey Andrew, where is the system of checks and balances to protect tax payers from the deals “negotiated” by AFSCME and the spineless politicians? (Here’s the part where you tell me we are represented by the people we elect and other assorted crap)