After planning to open using a hybrid model, New Trier HS District 203’s board decided to go to full online classes only. That decision was made after the district’s teachers union announced its opposition to in-school learning.

New Trier Neighbors, a local group of concerned citizens, recently held a Zoom call on the need to immediately and safely reopen New Trier area schools for in-person learning. Wirepoints’ Ted Dabrowski made the case for reopening based on what we know of the coronavirus in Illinois and in the New Trier area.

The following video contains excerpts from Ted’s online discussion with Dr. Carrie Mendoza. Both are board members of New Trier Neighbors.

It’s only natural for parents and teachers to be worried about the impact of returning students to the classroom. But it’s important to look at the science and data of the coronavirus. The reality is children are far less likely to get infected with COVID-19, are far less likely to get seriously ill, and are far less likely to spread the virus to adults and other children.

And after months of learning to deal with the coronavirus, Illinois is in far better shape for reopening schools than it was just three months ago. The state’s overall metrics for COVID hospitalizations and deaths have been stable for three months.

Residents in New Trier haven’t been hit hard by COVID-19. And a vast majority of teaching staff there is young enough to be at low risk from the virus. The above is what parents in New Trier should know about the readiness to return to in-person schooling.

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11 days ago

Maybe Max Headroom should teach the kids?

11 days ago

The only solution is for parents to organize.

Enjoy paying $100K for online physical education teachers?

Karin Larkins
12 days ago

It has come to my attention that a very small, but LOUD group of teachers are insisting that our students continue with remote learning for the foreseeable future. They are throwing up every obstacle possible to prevent a return to in person learning. We cannot let a small group of teachers ignore and dictate what the majority of parents and students want and that is a return to in-person learning. The New Trier School Board needs to hear from YOU! PLEASE write in and encourage your friends to do the same as well. Send an email to

11 days ago
Reply to  Karin Larkins

There is no technical reason why the kids can’t be in a classroom while the teacher is on a video screen in their alternate location.